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Welcome to my Bike website! Here I post about bikes that I ride, and bikes that I like.


We'll start off with my current ride. This is the bike that I ride to work on a daily basis. This bike has 500 watts of electric assistance from the geared hub-motor. It reaches a top speed of approximately 32km/h. Although I've researched and tried to make it go illegally fast, I was unable to. As a daily commuter bike, the RadRunner is perfect. The 3" fat tires give it a comfortable and smooth ride. The quality seems decent enough, and I never have to worry because it always runs smoothly.

Norco E-Bike Conversion

I first acquired this bike off Kijiji. I believe I bought it for around $150. I had always wanted an electric bike, but during this period (back around 2016) were scooter style ebikes. Newer bike based E-bikes hadn't hit the market quite yet, and the ones that were availible were overpriced for what they offered. For this reason, I decided to buy an electric conversion kit from china, and fitted it to the bike myself. The kit comes with the hub motor wheel, controller, and throttle. The one I bought was a 1000w motor, and I paid around $450 for it. The battery is the most important piece, I beleive. I ordered an 48v E-bike battery from China, with a capacity of 14ah. I rode this bike thousands of kilometers. By the time I was retiring the bike, it had aquired 7000km. Rain or shine, I'd ride that bike to work, even throughout the Canadian winters.

Schwinn "Tour de Luxe"

Now let's move on to my first commuter bike. This bike I took with me to university, and used it to get to school for almost a year. Unfortunately, I savagely rode it all throughout winter with no maintenance. By the spring, the bike was beat. All the components were in bad shape, so I decided to turn it into a fixed gear bicycle. I found some deep dish fixie wheels on kijiji, and installed them. I didnt end up riding the bike all that often. I decided that I wanted to sell it, and converted it to a 7-speed. I sold this bike for $125

The Taller Schwinn

Once my "tour de Luxe" had been destroyed by the years hard riding and salt, I needed a new bike. I found this one on Kijiji, for $200. I bought it, and it was clean. It was in Excellent shape when I got it. I rode it as it was for a while, but the wheels started to fall apart. I found some new rims on kijiji, and re-painted it grey. Unfortunately, this bike was stolen from outside of my apartment.

Sears 5-speed Cruiser

This is an old 5-speed bike made by Sears back in the day. I found it for free outside. I would use it for short trips, or going to band practice. It had a milk crate on the back, where I could keep my trumpet or trombone.

I tried to sell this bike on kijiji, but got no offers. I needed to clear some space in my apartment and decided to abandon the bike outside for someone else to enjoy.

Schwinn Fat Bike

I bought this bike from Canadian Tire for $350. I never rode it much, because it is too slow. Way too slow.

I sold this bike earlier this summer for $250.

Dutch Union Cruiser

Currently in the shop...

Miele Racer

Coming soon...